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On this www, you can get in touch directly with the artist and buy her works.

Sculptures – in bronze, clay, plaster, concrete etc.

Graphic works – Chinese ink drawingsdrawings on paper and/or on canvas.

Photography – printed on hard or soft support, depending on the size of the photography.


sculptures, interiors
photo-sculptures, interiors
ink / drawings, interiors


From now you can buy some of Tilda Lovi’s works in Liberty Design Lifestyle boutique (Moscow)(

A l’heure actuelle vous pouvez acquérir les œuvres de Tilda Lovi at

Foundry. For more than twenty years Tilda Lovi has her work cast into bronze in the best Art foundries in France and in Italy. It is easy to understand why: this operation is financially expensive for the artist, and so for the buyer also. The result must be perfect. The artistic quality of a sculpture in bronze must not be inferior to the original. The model in bronze is produced using the «lost wax» method. Until today, this very ancient technique is considered as the most appropriate, allowing to reproduce all the details of the wax original. Until now this technique is considered as the most accomplished. It can even render some “faults” in the original piece itself.

What is an original piece? According to French legislation, known to be very strict in fighting counterfeit and protecting copyrights, it is possible to cast in bronze from an original 8 samples and 4 «author’s samples» only. All these pieces are considered as «originals», strictly numbered and reported in the register of the foundry. All other copies cast to these norms are called «multiples» and are only reproductions. Such scultotemptures cannot be sold as originals and fetch a lower value than originals on the art market.

Price of works of art can vary a lot, from a few hundreds to thousands of euros. Material and manufacturing techniques have a strong impact. As an example, a piece can be cast in bronze or in pig-iron. A piece cast in bronze can even exceed the cost of the first original itself. Of course, price to a large extend depends also to the size of the work. Tilda’s works are generally small but can sometimes be monumental.

And price as well depends on the market of contemporary art. Throughout the artist’s career, market price of his or her work changes many times, sometimes multiplying. Today’s prices on the market can be considered moderate if not a little underestimated, the market being «stable».

Galleries and auctions. Please keep in mind that acquiring a work from Tilda in a gallery or an auction can mean a considerably higher price than if you get the piece directly from her studio. Prices offered on this site are the same than the ones in her studio.


examples of prices

divinite, gres d'Irak, 1991, h40 cm

clay, stoneware of Iraq, high 40 cm
Goddess I

5 000 €

clay, stoneware of Iraq, high 38 cm
Goddess II

5 000 €




divinite oiseau , bronze, 1991 h30 cm

bronze 1/8, high 30 cm

foundry Landowski Fondeur, Paris

6 000 €






Tour Babel, plâtre et marbre, h30cm, original, pièce unique

plaster / marble, high 30 cm

Babylon Tower

6 000 €






site terre

clay, stoneware of Iraq, long 40 cm


5 800 €






ink 183 cm x 220 cmChinese ink-drawing on canvas

L 183 cm H 210 cm

Unpredictable ways

9 600 €






Delivery can be made practically everywhere but can be expensive when big pieces are concerned. Tilda’s works are located in different places, both in France and in Russia. Please check with her to find the most efficient way to have your work of art delivered to your home.

In the near future this site will present a virtual gallery, with a large catalogue of Tilda’s work accessible for sale. And you will also find on the site works from Tilda’s friends, artists whose works are in great demand.