Tilda Lovi, 2013, encre de chine et stylobille sur tapuscrit marouflé sur bois


French Institute of Russia, Moscow

15 November – 15 December / 2013

Tilda Lovi presents in the French Institute of Russia, from the 15th of November until the 15th of December, a panorama of her works.

Sites“, “Homoarchitectures“, “Divinities“: Sculptures (bronze, grès of Irak, clay, Bobéton). Ink Drawings: Indian Ink, monotypes, graphics. Photosculptures: photographies, hand and digital prints.

 “Many years after I left Bretagne to live and study in Paris, and to travel around the world, once as I came back to my bout du monde (“my ends of the earth”) near the Ocean – I remember that it was at low tide – I understood suddenly that my sculptures were full of oceanic Celtic soul, and that we, human beings, are all our life long just walking on the bottom of the Ocean!”

Tilda Lovi has been exhibiting her sculptures and paintings on canvas and on paper, and her large format photos and installations, in France and abroad, for 15 years.

  • every day, bee-twin 14 November — Sunday 15 December / 2013
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interview_Tildainterview, radio “Voice of Russia”, November 2013, in French

face book, Tilda Lovi

vernissage, 14th November, CCF