«Детское» искусство — это самое настоящее искусство

intervew of artist, in Enlish

Rushing for Success  →  Tilda Lovi – French visual artist and sculptor
Feb 19, 2012 15:50 Moscow Time

photo-Tilda “Many years after I left Bretagne to live and study in Paris, and to travel around the world, once as I came back to my bout du monde (“my ends of the earth”) near the Ocean – I remember that it was at low tide – I understood suddenly that my sculptures were full of oceanic Celtic soul, and that we, human beings, are all our life long just walking on the bottom of the Ocean!”

Tilda Lovi has been exhibiting her sculptures and paintings on canvas and on paper, and her large format photos and installations, in France and abroad, for 15 years. Several of her works have been sought after by museums and private collectors (in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the USA), and some of her works have been acquired by private collections in Russia, after a personal exhibition at the Aidan Gallery in Moscow. Tilda opened in 2006 in Moscow a new and original Studio of Contemporary Art for children, Pour l’Amour de l’Art. After successful exhibitions of children’s works at the French Cultural Center (Institut Français), after having been invited at the Russian National Center for Contemporary art, Moscow (NCCA) and realized several projects and exhibitions of the Studio in Moscow. …

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